Lavender Closet Fresheners

Refresh closets and drawers with our natural Lavender Closet Fresheners

A sweet, fresh lavender scent

Lavender Sachets are a classic way to get rid of moths and make great closet fresheners. And our sachets are handmade in beautiful fabrics to create a coordinated look.

Filled with organic lavender buds and leaves for a fresh and authentic lavender scent, our sachets are designed to scent and protect hanging garments, shoes, sweaters and everything in your closet.

Lavender Sachets are a must for storing clothing and a healthy alternative to mothballs. The fragrance in our lavender closet fresheners can last a decade or longer by giving them a squeeze to release the natural oils or by spritzing them with our Lavender Essential Oil or Lavender Sheet and Clothing Spray.

Opening your closet can now be a relaxing and pleasurable experience when the sweet, fresh smell of lavender greets you. Start your day calm and refreshed with our lavender closet freshener collection.