Lavender Gift Ideas Under $25

This is the season of joyful giving, but sometimes our lists seem to grow longer as we search for the perfect gift for Secret Santa exchanges and stocking stuffers, girl friends and aunties and all those who made our year a little better. At Lavender Green we have a wide variety of gifts for to cover just about anyone on your growing list with lavender luxury.

Today we’re sharing 6 gift ideas for under $25. And be sure and check out our gift ideas for Cooks, Moms, Career Girls, and Spa Lovers for more great Lavender gift giving.

Lavender Gift Ideas Under $25

1. Lavender Lovers ™ Organic Massage Oil Candle $24.00
Light the candle, burn to create a melt pool and then extinguish. Dip and apply … ahhhh!  You have just created a soothing, warm oil treatment that is excellent for dry skin!

2. Yellow & Blue Tea By Harney And Sons $7.99
Give the gift of relaxation with the subtle aromas of chamomile and lavender in this wonderful caffeine-free tea. Also available in a travel tin for $3.50

3. Lavender Soles™ Everyday Foot Care Kit With Essential Oils $22.00
Get soft, healthy and fragrant feet in just a few minutes a day with our “Lavender Soles”™ Everyday Foot Care Kit.

4. Lavender Spa Rescue Kit $12.00
Four of our top Stress Less products with Lavender to ease anxiety, Chamomile to soothe your skin and Sage to calm your mind and body are now available in smaller sizes. For home or travel, it makes a perfect gift.

5. Essential Oil Aromatherapy Blends Samples $22.50
What a great way to try all of our Essential Oil synergies and test their benefits! We’ll send you a sample 2.3 ml bottle of each of our Essential Oil Blends for just $22.50

6. Aromatherapy Diffusers $3.50-$25.00

  • Personal Diffuser – $18.00 Send Lavender, Focus Friendly or Road Rage Relief Aromatherapy with you anywhere they go.
  • Ceramic Jar Diffuser – Makes a great add on at just $3.50 with purchase of any Lavender Green E.O. Synergy
  • Heart Locket Pendant – $25.00 enhance their lightness of being with this Heart Locket Pendant and give scent-releasing aromatherapy throughout the day.
  • Terra Cotta Lavender Pendant – $15.00 Diffuse a few drops of our Lavender Essential Oil on this beautiful piece of art and enjoy it all day long! Comes with 1 dram of Lavender E.O.

These are just a few ideas to get you started, we also offer gift cards, a variety of pre-designed gift baskets and a “Build-Your-Own” gift basket option. We would be happy to help you with personalized suggestions, just give Ginna a call.

12 Ways to Use Lavender in Your Wedding

I found this article in our archives and since we’re moving into Spring and thinking “wedding” I thought it would be fun to update and repost it.  Just ignore the 37 year wedding anniversary reference as time flies when we’re having fun! We now host weddings at Lavender Green Farm and can bring lavender into your wedding at the farm in unique and delightful ways.

Organic Lavender Flowers-Lavender Green Farm Dancing in the fields.This month Chris and I will celebrate our 37th Wedding Anniversary. It seems as though we’ve been together for our entire lives and it feels as though we have just fallen in love. A paradox! We were married in 1969 on our family farm, which is now Lavender Green. Our wedding was simple in ceremony and music and yet lush with 300 guests, great food cooked outdoors, and lots of love! As I remember, there were flowers and fragrance everywhere.

We celebrate every wedding anniversary and mentally renew our vows at every wedding we attend. My wedding dress is carefully packed away and I can still slip into it, which I did on our 25th anniversary.

Lavender Wedding with organic lavender flowers.One of our many passions is the growing of lavender, which has historically represented love and fidelity. Our website features a number of home, travel, and wedding gifts hand sewn and crafted at the farm.

Our most delightful customers are Brides, planning their own weddings and planning to use lavender in unique ways to add fragrance to the celebration. They look to us to provide dried lavender for their own creations, or keepsakes from our wedding line or recipes for food or drink. We raise a number of different kinds of lavender and guide them on what would work the best in their own wedding.


Here are twelve of the most popular ways to use lavender in your wedding:

For the Ceremony itself:
1. Dried lavender buds for the flower girl to strew down the aisle fills the space with scent. As the bridesmaids follow, stepping on the buds releases even more fragrance to last the ceremony. (No one ever objects to the lingering scent of dried lavender in the vacuum cleaner)
2. Lavender buds in the ring bearers pillow scent the ceremony for the Bride, Groom and wedding party–it can be very heady and romantic and memorable. The pillow fragrance will last forever and can find a place on your bed to hold the memory and freshen your linens.
3. Bunches of dried lavender tied with big bows at each pew or row of chairs. Dried lavender stems can be cut to any length and made just the right size to work with the bow.
4. Consider a Unity or Promise Candle made with lavender and soy wax to light at the wedding and anniversaries ever after.
5. Fresh lavender in the Bridal and Bridesmaids bouquet for color and fragrance.
6. As a wedding toss, dried lavender in little net bags can be given to each guest to toss at the departing Bride and Groom. It is a soft and fragrant toss that will not offend humans or birds. We suggest the dried French variety because it is less expensive than our organic varieties.

For the Reception
Mini-lavender bouquets for place cards are very popular as well as little lavender “shot” candles to brighten your table at the reception and provide a subtle fragrance for the life of the party. We often provide the lavender for your own creation, or we can craft it to meet your specifications.
8. Lavender (our organic Munstead variety) can enhance the food and beverage served at the Reception. Many delicious recipes are available to make lavender scented Cakes, ice cream, cookies and punch. A sprig of lavender in a glass of champagne makes a wonderful aperitif, for example.

Special Gifts for the Bride and Groom and the Wedding Party:
9. Brides have purchased items from our wedding and travel lines such as scented hangers and sachets to give as gifts to the wedding party. Mothers of the Bride especially appreciate a wedding keepsake. Our spa line provides a memorable thank you to those who helped make your day, too.

After the Wedding
10. Store your wedding gown in a large box with acid free paper and tuck in our Lavender filled bridal wear storage liner to keep mustiness and moths away from your dress and veil. A young woman of the future may want to wear your dress! Tuck lavender scented shoe stuffers into your shoes to keep them looking new and fresh as well.
11. Throw leftover lavender buds into your bath for romance and stress relief from the big day.
12. Take a nap with a silky eye pillow filled with flax to reduce puffiness and lavender to ensure restful sleep and sweet dreams. Or tuck a Battenburg sleep envelope into your pillowcase for a long night’s sleep.


Lavender is one of the most beloved herbs and scents in the world and is equally enjoyed by men and women so use it liberally and experiment with your own creations! We would love to hear stories of how you brought lavender into your wedding!


All the Best,


Ginna Gemmell

Creative Lavender Gift Ideas

Gift BoxWow, we’re coming down to the wire and there are still many gifts to buy and send.  It is the thought that counts and our friends love thoughtful presents that recognize their interests and lifestyle.  Getting it just right requires a little thought about that particular person, but it’s not too hard to accomplish with our “Build Your Own  Gift Basket” option.

Lavender Gift BasketsHere are some suggestions of what to put into your basket based upon your “person”.  You’ll want to include 5-7 products to fill out a small, medium or large sized basket box.  We will chose the size of basket for you based upon what you order and wrap and ship it with a card from you.  If you have a very tough lavender lover to please, call Ginna for some personalized suggestions.


Gift Ideas for the Cook

Ideas For the Cook

1. Lavender Pepper Rub
2. Chef’s Apron
3. Lavender and Vanilla Sugar
4. Recipe Card with Lavender Samples
5. Lavender and Earl Gray Tea
6. Twisted Lavender Sheaf Centerpiece
not pictured – Herbs de Provence


Gift Ideas for Mom

Ideas for the Busy Mom

1. Lavender Lotion To Go
2. Car Diffuser with Road Rage Relief
3. Lavender Counter Spray
4. Lavender Towelettes
5. Spa Eye Mask


Gift Ideas for the Career Girl

Ideas for the Career Girl 

1. Focus and Energy Synergy with Personal Diffuser
2. Lavender Lotion to Go
3. Lavender Lover’s Lip Balm
4. Travel Pillow and Mask
5. Keyboard and Mouse Pillow Set


Lavender Spa Gift Ideas

Ideas for the Health Club/Spa Lover 

1. Lavender Lover’s Lip balm
2. Restore Body Mist
3. Lavender & Citrus Foot Balm
4. Spa Eye Pillow
5. Lavender Lover’s Lotion and Bath Gel Combo
6. Lavender Lover’s Bath Salts
(also check out our Aromafloria Products, we have a full selection of StressLess products with Lavender, Sage and Chamomile)


These are just a few ideas to get you started but there are endless possibilities.

Enter “Build Your Own” in the coupon box at checkout and we’ll take 5% off the total cost of your order between now and December 30, 20013