Spa Wraps

Soothe it with  Microwaveable Heating Pads and Heated Neck Wraps from Lavender Green

Combat everyday aches and pains with our contoured spa wraps.

Designed to fit the contours of your body, our wraps are filled with frgrant lavender and other natural healers that will soothe away your tension with your choice of moist warmth or dry cool relief.

All of our pads and neck wraps can be heated in the microwave or chilled in the freezer (e.g., two minutes* in the microwave yields 30 minutes of warm relief or freezer chilled for ten minutes produces 30 minutes of cool relief).

For moist heat — spritz lightly with water or body mist.

Safety Notes:
* Microwave ovens are unique, so begin with 1 minute to warm your wrap and add 30 seconds if you desire more heat. Do not heat for more than 2 minutes.

Lavender Wedding Collection

Bouquets, accessories and more for your special day! Lavender Wedding - Flower Girl Baskets and Ring Bearer Pillows Lavender Candles, Keepsakes and Favors for your Wedding

Wedding Bouquets, Flowers and Ideas!

Inspire them with romance…add Lavender into Your Wedding.

The scent of Lavender has long been a favorite of lovers because it stimulates feelings of well-being and ardor. Infuse your wedding with Lavender by choosing from our wide range of Lavender bridal, Attendant Keepsakes, Decorations and Lavender Wedding Favors in our collection of Lavender Wedding Products.


Lavender Filled Pillows

Enjoy our soothing lavender aromatherapy pillows

Sleep deep with a pillow filled with lavender and other natural fillers
Research in England has disclosed that lavender is as effective as a sleeping pill in inducing sleep. 
Lavender Green designed pillows are filled with fragrant lavender and other natural seeds or fibers like buckwheat and kapok to bring a lifetime of comfort. 
Consumers say our lavender eye pillows and lavender sleep masks, neckroll, U-neck and bolsters have given them a deep sense of relaxation, as well as a reduction in eyestrain and headaches.
Choose a pillow filled with lavender and buckwheat hulls or millet hulls to conform to your body, or choose one with all natural kapok fiber and lavender to stay plump.
Most covers are removable are washable for years of enjoyment.
If you would like us to customize these items with your own fabric at no additional charge, please contact us and we will provide you with further instructions.

Lavender Scents for Your Home

Lavender Home Fragrance Natural Lavender laundry and cleaning products Organic Lavender sachets designed for your drawers and closets. Soothing Lavender Filled Pillows


Scent your home with lavender

Lavender creates a healthy, relaxing, refreshing and naturally fragrant home. 

A simple way to begin scenting your home with lavender is by adding a bowl of lavender buds or lavender-citrus potpourri to a table in your foyer as a greeting to guests.  Dried lavender bouquets are everlasting and bring a classic lavender garden look and feel as well as fragrance. You can try a sheaf of lavender on your table, or scent a hallway with a lavender-filled wall pocket.

Mist upholstered furniture, pillows and fabric window treatments with Lavender Sheet and Clothing Spray for an instant, healthy, lavender fresh scent. Wash sheets and towels with lavender laundry products and try cleaning with lavender soaps, sprays and vacuum beads to make routine chores more enjoyable. Tuck sachets into drawers and lavender filled hangers and accessories into your closets. And add lavender-filled pillows to bedrooms, home office and your family room for long lasting fragrance and total comfort.

Then, bring a beautiful innovation in lavender fragrance for your home by adding  some of our Reed Diffusers with long lasting fragrance oils/perfumes. Fragrance oils used in Reed diffusers should be kept at room temperature and not added to heated diffusers. They provide constant lavender scent around the clock and in every season.

Explore all the ideas on every page and be sure to check out our Culinary, Aromatherapy, Lavender Pillows and Lavender Cleaners for additional ways to scent your home with lavender.