Self Soothing Strategies with Lavender

Lavender Essential Oil, Lavender Aromatherapy for Sleep & Natural Relaxation

When news of the world is overwhelming I find myself wishing to be rocked by my Grandmother in her warm lap with my head resting on her generous bosom. Since that is no longer possible and memories fade, I need to find other ways to soothe myself and my loved ones. My tendency is to try to rescue or help, but much of what I see and hear is far outside the realm of my control. I can’t fight insanity or the spread of plague, but I can try to overcome evil with good in my own little arena. There are more wonderful than diabolical people in the world and good will overcome evil, or so I hope is true!

I don’t think I’m the only one feeling this way. Lavender self soothers are trending at LavenderGreen.Com this month, possibly an indication that our customers are feeling a desire to nurture their bodies and souls more than usual. Lavender is a very calming essential oil and can help us maintain our functional availability by muting stressful emotions.

Lavender Goats Milk SoapLavender Lotion with Shea ButterLavender Essential OilPersonal DIffuserLavender Massage OilMassage Oil CandleAromatherapy for your home - Lavender Aroma Sticks, Reed DiffusersNeck Pillow and Sleeping Eye Mask - Curvy ShapeLavender and Buckwheat-filled Spa Wrap Set

Lavender soaps and lotions, Lavender essential oil in personal aromatherapy diffusers, massage oils and candles, Aroma Sticks and lavender filled pillows are going out to lavender lovers all over the country right now.

Here are 10 more ideas I’ve thought of and tried to soothe my own troubled heart:

1. Practice Qi Gong, This is an effective and gentle exercise that is a little like Tai Chi, but easy to master the first time with a  DVD or tape like Lee Holden’s Qi AM/PM workout.  It stretches the body and focuses the mind.  I’ve found wonderful in the morning to set up a positive day and great at day’s end to relax. I do a lot of walking to and from and working in the garden which helps too!

2.  Love our pets for their empathy.  A puppy in my case.  We were gifted a red mini-poodle in March and now that we’re into our 7th month, petting, playing and meeting the needs of Cocoa is very soothing and makes me laugh.

3.  Home made soup.  Just made a big pot with roasted chicken, great northern beans, spinach, tomatoes in a stock made from the left over chicken simmered to a broth with celery, carrots and onion.  A little Tuscan seasoning and Worcestershire sauce added robust flavor, along with black pepper and sea salt

4. I’m reading Ken Follett’s new fiction “Edge of Eternity” book three of the century trilogy.  I find that compelling fiction, set in another time and place helps put the human experience into context.

5.  Reconnecting with family, former colleagues and friends and expressing gratitude for their friendship.  Real live connections help balance the input of our virtual world. Cheering a friend in need with a gift, card or call is a tonic to my own outlook.

6.  Getting in touch with my faith by reading C. S. Lewis…I typed chapter 13 of the Great Divorce and posted it on the fridge as a morning mantra.  “The Happy Trinity is her home, nothing will trouble her joy”….So timeless and empowering!  It’s actually Lewis’s feminized paraphrase of Psalm 91.

7.  Lavender…I love going into the Summer Kitchen to fulfill orders.  The Summer Kitchen is where we inventory our dried lavender.  Its fragrance overwhelms me with peace.  If you ever come to visit, I’ll take you there to just breathe.

8.  Listen to Music.  I love hearing “Anthem” by Ronan Hardeman when I’m by myself in the Summer Kitchen to buoy my spirit.  It works every time with it’s haunting melody and plaintive peaceful lyrics.

9. Take Action!  Do something…even just one little thing!  The pen is mightier than the sword, so I’m tweeting social media outlets suggesting they raise the bar on their broadcasting standards to help combat hate and fear riddled rhetoric and videos.

10.  Watch PBS.  With few exceptions PBS almost always has something to offer which is interesting, educational and entertaining.  So I’m supporting them and programming our household media “feed”.  “Charlie Rose” is a ritual but late night shock talk radio is banned here.

I’m very curious to learn how you self soothe?  Can you share some ideas of what you find peace giving?

Peaceful Wishes,

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Staying Calm Through the Holiday Season with Lavender


Escalators in Shopping CenterPhoto Credit: Paul Szustka

Here we are again!  It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Don’t we wish Santa’s elf would come early and help us make the Holidays special for our family so that we could enjoy it too?

We could, of course, have gathered gifts all year or waited in line and joined the fray of Black Friday bargain shoppers.  Alternatively, we can order on-line or from catalogues.  Even ordering on-line can be tough as we ponder over hundreds of choices and variations late into the night, during our lunch break at work, or getting up before dawn’s early light.  Whatever method we chose shopping can be taxing on our bodies and our soul, especially when added to an already full and merry schedule.  We need lavender this time of year!

The important attitude is to stay calm, keep healthy, enjoy the process and pace ourselves to minimize the stress of it all.  It may seem obvious to lavender lovers that the aromatherapy value of lavender to calm us is invaluable during the holidays.  Lavender essential oil was created by Mother Nature for just this purpose. Along with its many other attributes and benefits, lavender works wonders on calming nerves and providing a sense of well being–it can slow down “hectic” in a hurry.


Row of personal aromatherapy diffusers

How can you have lavender’s calming scent surround you no matter where the season takes you?  Lavender essential oil is volatile, which means that it evaporates.  But, there are some ways to diffuse it that maximize its longevity and potency.  One of the best ways is through a personal aromatherapy diffuser.  It is the size of a tube of lipstick and can be carried in your pocket or purse.   Inhale a few deep breaths and re-cap the tube to use when you need another breath of calm.  LavenderGreen’s personal diffuser comes with a 1 dram refill bottle which will last several years.

NanoHeat® USB Aroma DiffuserSitting at your desk in front of your computer with deadlines pressing?  Diffuse lavender whenever you turn on your computer with the latest USB powered Nanoheat diffuser.  Simply add a few drops to the special tissues, place on the diffuser and enjoy instant lavender fragrance that lasts until you log off or disconnect the cord.  It is discrete, efficient and personal. You will be the only one who can enjoy the calming fragrance.


Lavender Terra-Cotta PendantOn the run?  Sprinkle a few drops of lavender essential oil on a necklace to have aromatherapy at your heart center.  You’ll be less prone to bumping into others in crowds or slipping on icy sidewalks when you are calm and patient.


Lavender and Buckwheat-filled Neck Roll Pillow and Sleep Mask SetToo tired to sleep with your To Do list swirling through your mind keeping your eyes wide open.  A lavender sleep mask or pillow can help lull you into a gentle state of relaxing sleep.  Need something stronger?  Try Sandman which includes lavender, tangerine and marjoram oils to give you extra hours of needed sleep.  Need a gift idea for someone who has problems sleeping check out our Sleep Mask and Sandman Special Gift Set

Remember that we’re all up the same “tree” so let’s be kind to and forgiving of one another.   After all, isn’t that the real meaning of the Season?


Inviting Lavender to Your Thanksgiving Table

Table set for ThanksgivingMaking Thanksgiving dinner at home is always a pleasure for those within shouting distance as wave-upon-wave of marvelous cooking fragrances create anticipation of a wonderful feast.  My husband, Chris, loves experiencing this Holiday at home for precisely this reason … and maybe a little football echoing in the distance.  Dinner at a restaurant would be less rewarding because the house lacks both that “turkey smell” and the leftovers.

For the home chef, though, Thanksgiving is a multi-course meal demanding an early morning start; a long ingredient check list; and, timing that rivals a rocket launch.  I have found it is preferable preparing the feast with my sisters as this not only lightens the load but creates some fun.  They are all good cooks, so each tries to bring a new twist to an old favorite.

Place setting with Lavender mini-bouquet

We have found that serving dinner at 4:00 PM is our best target time for this traditional meal because it allows plenty of time to prepare the meal while sipping wine and catching up during the process.  We set the table the day before the feast and assemble the serving dishes and cooking equipment at that same time to reduce the search and pre-cleaning run-around on the big day.  It is also helpful to make room in your refrigerator for leftovers.  This will greatly reduce frustration on the back-end clean-up stage of the meal.

Since this is a lavender farm and I am a lavender addict, I look for ways to bring lavender into our Thanksgiving experience.  I would like to share some simple ways I have found to integrate our lovely fragrance into the celebration.

Here are some simple, tried and true tips to bring lavender to your Thanksgiving table:

Bowl of Herbs de Provence
Use Herbs de Provence as the seasoning for the turkey and one of the stuffings.  I love the William-Sonoma recipe using our own blend of organic Herbs de Provence which includes marjoram, oregano, lavender and thyme.  We will share our favorite recipe with you on Thursday.

gtwisted Sheaf and Loose stems in PitcherPlace a simple twisted lavender sheaf or loose stems in a pitcher or vase for your centerpiece.  It is beautiful and may be kept year round.  Its simple yet visually elegant design and shape makes it easy to place elsewhere when the table needs additional space for the many platters and serving dishes.

Our Dried Lavender Favors will add a beautiful touch to your next event.If you have time, make place cards for your guests so that everyone knows where you would like them to sit.  We use our little Lavender Mini-Bouquets with names written on a tag.  At the end of the party everyone is able to take this home as a favor.  These fragrant place cards are unique and inexpensive to make.  Alternatively, we will happily make them for you.

Layer more subtle lavender fragrance in a Lamp Ring Diffuser.  When the lamp is illuminated the fragrance intensifies.  Using real Essential Oils is a wonderfully subtle way of influencing the mood of your guests.  Celebrate, for example, especially puts everyone in a festive mood, while straight lavender can calm everybody down. These scents will enhance, rather than compete, with the meal.

Voila!  You have made a memory and, just possibly, you might enjoy the fruits of your own labor.  Stay tuned here and on Facebook for more classic Thanksgiving recipes with a lavender twist.


Lavender for Your Work

Reduce Stress at Work with Lavender

Calm and soothe your work environment

Lavender Green’s work accessories will help calm and soothe your work environment with the fragrance of dried Lavender and Lavender essential oil.

Let our Lavender-Filled Keyboard, Mouse and Lumbar Pillows comfort and inspire you. These can be microwaved or cooled in the freezer for added comfort while at work.

Plug in our new NanoHeat® USB Aroma Diffuser into your computer for long lasting aromatherapy with our Organic Essential Oils.

Or use our Lavender Room Spray and Lavender Moist Towelettes to reduce stress and provide an intense burst of Lavender fragrance all around you.

Lavender Travel Kits & Aromatherapy

Lavender for Your Travels

Soothe, comfort and reduce tension amidst all the complications that come with travel.

Lavender Green offers handcrafted Lavender Filled Travel Pillows to cradle your neck and support your back, filled with lavender florets and other natural materials to provide comfort during travel.

Lavender Eye Masks block out light, provide gentle aromatherapy and let you sleep. Suitcase Size Lavender Sachets will keep your luggage smelling fresh. Lightweight and portable Lavender Bath and Body products, Travel Candles and Lip Balms and moist Towelettes can be packed anywhere to refresh you en-route and soothe your senses at your destination.

New oil synergies help put you in the best possible frame of mind regardless of what you may encounter on your journey. Take along our Lavender travel accessories on your next trip and experience a better journey.

Home Fragrance

Fill your home with the fragrance of lavender

Create a lavender fragrance that’s fresh, clean and relaxing

Lavender naturally creates a refreshing, fragrant home. The secret lies in “layering” the fragrance with natural lavender flowers and botanicals, aromatherapy blends, fragrance oils and candles to achieve a lasting lavender scent in the home.

Add the relaxing benefits of lavender to your home with a bowl of our lavender buds or potpourri, our dried lavender bouquets, our free standing sheaves or our long lasting lavender aroma sticks.

Achieve your lavender-scented home today by selecting your favorites and layering them to gain your perfect fragrance intensity.


Lavender Scents for Your Home

Lavender Home Fragrance Natural Lavender laundry and cleaning products Organic Lavender sachets designed for your drawers and closets. Soothing Lavender Filled Pillows


Scent your home with lavender

Lavender creates a healthy, relaxing, refreshing and naturally fragrant home. 

A simple way to begin scenting your home with lavender is by adding a bowl of lavender buds or lavender-citrus potpourri to a table in your foyer as a greeting to guests.  Dried lavender bouquets are everlasting and bring a classic lavender garden look and feel as well as fragrance. You can try a sheaf of lavender on your table, or scent a hallway with a lavender-filled wall pocket.

Mist upholstered furniture, pillows and fabric window treatments with Lavender Sheet and Clothing Spray for an instant, healthy, lavender fresh scent. Wash sheets and towels with lavender laundry products and try cleaning with lavender soaps, sprays and vacuum beads to make routine chores more enjoyable. Tuck sachets into drawers and lavender filled hangers and accessories into your closets. And add lavender-filled pillows to bedrooms, home office and your family room for long lasting fragrance and total comfort.

Then, bring a beautiful innovation in lavender fragrance for your home by adding  some of our Reed Diffusers with long lasting fragrance oils/perfumes. Fragrance oils used in Reed diffusers should be kept at room temperature and not added to heated diffusers. They provide constant lavender scent around the clock and in every season.

Explore all the ideas on every page and be sure to check out our Culinary, Aromatherapy, Lavender Pillows and Lavender Cleaners for additional ways to scent your home with lavender.

Lavender Gifts

Unique Lavender Gifts from Lavender Green

Communicate a sense of charm and serenity to those you love


Let them enjoy the moment as they breath in the soothing smell of lavender when they open their lavender gifts.

At our organic lavender farm, we know how the benefits of lavender products can help improve lives. This is why we feel certain that when you give the gift of lavender, you are offering a sentiment of health and well being to those you love and care about.

Try giving one of our Lavender Gift Baskets filled with unique lavender products like our Minky Neck Roll Pillow filled with lavender and buckwheat hulls. Or — give our Curvy Spa Wrap Set – a sure hit for anyone who needs a little loving care.

You’ll be a winner when you give the gift of lavender and your gift will be remembered and cherished for many years to come.


Lavender Aromatherapy Blends

Lavender Aromatherapy products from Lavender Green

Made with pure, natural and wild crafted Essential Oils

Our Aromatherapy products are the best of nature’s medicine and can be your first response in dealing with the stresses that rob you of your peace and well-being.

Our Aromatherapy products, made from Lavender Aromatherapy Oils and other Essential Oils, are blended to lift the mood, enhance sound sleep, focus the mind, calm the spirit and boost natural immune system defenses.

We suggest that our Jubilee, a true lavender “Angustifolia” Essential Oil, be a starting point for you to experience the medicinal benefits of Aromatherapy. You can purchase a sample kit of our Aromatherapy Blends to experience their wonderful fragrances and complexities.

Celebrate, Sandman, Focus & Energy, Road Rage Relief, and Anti-viral Aromatherapy Products were tested by the Lavender Green 24 member research panel and have received excellent feedback on their effectiveness and their lovely scents.

We also offer the Aromatherapy oil and a number of supporting gels, creams, mists, lotions and oils for you to use in convenient combinations.

For three simple strategies on how to improve your mood and reduce stress view Dr. Phil’s show: “Stressed Out to the Max.”

Essential oil synergies are not meant to diagnose or cure any illnesses or disease. They are rather Mother Nature’s “first line defense” to maintain health and well being. Caution: if pregnant, nursing, suffering from any medical condition, or taking medication, consult a health care practitioner before use. We do not diagnose, treat or prescribe any medical treatment or advice. You should always discuss treatment of medical conditions with your medical practitioner before using any alternative therapies, natural supplements, or vitamins. Store in a cool, dry place out of reach of children and pets.




Lavender Aromatherapy Products for your Bath, Body and Soul

Lavender Aromatherapy Products Renew your spirit and nourish your skin with pure and natural Lavender essential oil bath and body care products. Lavender Filled Heat Wraps

Naturally therapeutic Lavender Bath and Body Products

Formulated from pure and natural essential oils

Bring our lavender products home and experience the fragrance that has captured hearts throughout all time.  Try new interpretations of lavender aromatherapy to soothe your senses and improve your  sleep, focus, energy, mood, and natural defenses with our lavender essential oil blends.  Warm and soothe your body and release tense muscles with our lavender spa wraps.  Delight in our lavender bath and body soaps,  lotions, oils and balms to nourish your body from head to toe with pure lavender essential oil & shea butter.