Staying Warm with Lavender

As the thermometer continues to drop this week, I’m warming up our Cheetah print flannel Spa wraps and pillows in the microwave to give added spot warmth to my bed before tucking in at night and over my shoulders as I sit before the computer.  Not only do our pillows and wraps take off the chill, they also make the whole house very fragrant with lavender.  Lavender lifts my spirits and makes me think of summer which helps with SAD (seasonal affective disorder) or cabin fever during the dark days of winter.

Lavender and Buckwheat-filled Spa Wrap Set

Our Spa Wraps stay very warm and fragrant for 30 minutes because they are filled with lavender and buckwheat berries which hold the heat longer than any other natural filling.  Our pillows filled with lavender and buckwheat hulls will stay warm for 20 minutes after 2 minutes in the Microwave–a little less time than the berry filling, but still very warming.


Any of our pillows filled with buckwheat hulls can be heated in the microwave. Allow me to suggest some of my favorite choices to warm up with on these icy cold days.

Here’s the perfect lavender pillow for back comfort and support. These pillows are generously filled with our organic lavender and all-natural buckwheat hulls. Just microwave pillow for comfortable heat on your lower back.The Chair, Keyboard and Mouse pillows are good for warming in the office.  Warm our Travel pillows by first removing the Microfiber cover.  It feels very relaxing while it warms and cradles your neck and head.


Our sea breeze pillows are filled with lavender and buckwheat hulls, this cover can be removed and the inner pillow warmed in the microwave for up to two minutes. It will provide warmth for about 20 minutes–just right for a long winter’s nap.

Night Owl Neckroll pillow – Remove its cover and warm this pillow for two minutes in the microwave and it will reward you with 20 minutes of warmth and comfort.


Lavender bed pillow


All of our Spa Wraps are good warmers, but the Tummy Wrap and the Back Wrap cover the most territory.

With our flat-rate priority mail shipping, you can order as many as you like for the same $9.90 rate.

Brrr..Keep warm and snuggly, Everybody.


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