Sea Breeze Lavender Pillows with Buckwheat Hull


Enjoy summer year-round with our all-natural Sea Breeze Lavender Pillows stuffed with fragrant lavender buds and buckwheat hull.

Select your color choice of Sea Breeze or Sea Oats and your pillow size choice of:

Sea Breeze Oblong Lavender Pillow with 5 buttons
Price: $59.90
Dimensions: 20″ X 10″

Sea Breeze Square Lavender Pillow with button flap
Price $44.90
Dimensions: 12″ X 12

Our Sea Breeze Square Lavender Pillow stuffed with lavender and buckwheat hull


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Enjoy fragrant dreams with this all-natural Sea Breeze Lavender Pillow
covered in soft and natural Tropical Hemp/Cotton.

The fragrant lavender and the buckwheat hull inner pillow can be heated or cooled to comfort and the cotton cover can be washed.


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Sea Breeze, Sea Oats


Oblong Lavender Pillow@$59.95, Square Lavender Pillow@$42.00

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