Sandman™ Sleep Aromatherapy Bath and Body Kit


Formulated from 100% pure essential oils to provide true aromatherapy benefits for the mind, body and spirit.



Use the “Sandman”™ Foaming Bath Gel for bath or shower, or spritz the “Sandman”™ Body Mist when you don’t have the time or awaken in the night. Use the “Sandman”™ Frosted Body Cream on pulse points and under your nose for gentle aromatherapy. Massage the Bath and Body Massage Oil into tired, restless legs and feet or add a tablespoon into a warm bath for a softening soak before bedtime.

“Sandman”™ Sleep Aromatherapy Bath and Body Kit

2 oz. “Sandman”™ Foaming Bath Gel™
2 oz. “Sandman”™ Bath and Body Massage Oil™
2 oz. “Sandman”™ Body Mist™
1.5 oz. “Sandman”™ Frosted Body Cream™
Price: $39.90