Lavender Wands


Handmade in summer from our Organic Provence lavender flowers, these Lavender Wands are very full and decorated with pearls for an exquisite look. Dried Lavender will smell great in your home all summer long! From our organic lavender farm to your home.



Place these in drawers or linen closets to get summertime lavender fragrance the whole year long.

Lavender Wands will hold their fragrance for years — just squeeze for a burst of fragrance.

Colors range from royal purple, lavender, shell pink or white.  Let us choose the color for you. Limited supply available.

Price: 13″ Lavender Wand is $29.00
10″ Lavender Wand is $22.00

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13" Lavender Wand@$29.00, 10" Lavender Wand @$22.00


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