LavenderGreen Sleep Ensemble


Here’s a natural solution for those on your gift list who are having difficulty sleeping.  Our sleep pillow, together with our all-natural, non-addictive sleep aid, the Sandman Sleep Blend with Essential Oils, will help ensure them a good night’s sleep and a refreshed “wake-up” the next morning.  Sandman Sleep Blend with Essential Oils


Lavender Green Sleep Ensemble is a wonderful gift for yourself, too.

Sleep Ensemble includes:

Lavender and buckwheat–filled Roll Pillow and lavender and flaxseed-filled Sleep Mask, Sandman Sleep Synergy Aromatherapy Blend: Personal diffuser and refill, Mist, Bath Gel, Massage oil and Frosted Body Cream with use instructions.

Special Gift Price: $99.00 — a $109.00 value. You save $10.00 with the Sleep Ensemble.

Safety Notes: LavenderGreen essential oil synergies are recommended for use by adults and children over the age of 12. Use as directed and do not ingest the oils or let them touch sensitive skin tissue or eyes. Keep synergies in a cool dry area away from children and pets as you would with prescription medicine. 

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