Lavender Soles™ Everyday Foot Care Kit with Essential Oils


Get soft, healthy and fragrant feet in just a few minutes a day with our “Lavender Soles”™ Everyday Foot Care Kit.

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Our twist-up balm is made with lavender and lemongrass natural essential oils, beeswax and other natural oils that will help heal, soften and protect your feet.

A natural pumice sponge and microfiber socks will also buff and enhance the balm’s penetration.

Just shower or bathe, buff wet or dry, apply balm and cover for 5 minutes for a spa treatment at home or travel.

A handy carry bag with directions keeps it all together.

Lavender Soles™ Everyday Foot Care Kit Contents:
Lavender and Lemongrass Foot Balm 1.65 oz.
Natural pumice sponge 2″x4″
Super Absorbent Microfiber Socks

Price: $22.00