Lavender Lovers ™Sea Salts with Lavender Essential Oil


Soften, scent and detoxify your body in a luxurious bath with our Lavender Essential Oil-infused Sea Salts.


Our solar-dried, all-natural Lavender Lovers ™Sea Salts help relieve stress, melt away tension and soothe aching muscles.

They’ll also add valuable trace minerals to the bath water such as magnesium, sodium, calcium and potassium while softening your water and gently cleansing your skin.

The Lavender Lovers ™Sea Salts are offered in a convenient, airtight P.E.T. tube that is recyclable. Experience the ultimate bathing ritual to pamper your body, mind and spirit at home.

You can also add them to a bowl to scent your bathroom for a pure lavender potpourri.

Size:  8 oz. of 20 big scoops

Price: $9.00