Lavender Breeze Candle


You’ll enjoy the relaxing scent of our all-natural Lavender Breeze Candle. This unique synergy of Lavender and Citrus essential oils will help create a fresh, comfortable environment for your home.


Our sumptuous lavender candle, brimming with Lavender and Citrus essential oil synergy complements our Lavender and Citrus Potpourri and creates a relaxing and fresh environment for your home.

Made of natural soy wax and pure essential oils with an all cotton wick, our candle is non-toxic and provides the lavender and citrus aromatherapy benefits of relaxation and cheer!  Hand-poured into a 10 oz. square glass prism jar. Our Lavender Breeze Candle’s sparkling glow and aromatherapy benefits will delight you.

Lavender Scented CandleDimensions: 3 1/2″ X 3″
Burn time: 40 – 50 hours


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