Dried French Lavender Long Stems


We produce  organic French Lavender Gros Bleu, Phenomenal and Grosso lavender stems in lengths ranging from 10″ to 20.” These flowers are cut before they flower, are air-dried “pencil” straight and cut to length to suit your needs. We sell these stems at 1.5 cents per inch in bundles of 100 stems.



These long, graceful Lavender stems are used to create many types of dried flower arrangements. Pictured here are freshly cut  “Gros Bleu” lavender stems. We also raise mid-blue flowered “Phenomenal” and Grosso lavender.  Let us chose the lavender variety based upon availability in your length and color requirements. To buy LavenderGreen pre-made dried lavender arrangements go to our Home Fragrance page. To make your own, order here at 1.5 cents per inch.  Our precision cut stems arrive ready to use, saving you time and money in sorting and selecting perfect stems from random bundles.

Additional information

Stem Length

A Hundred 10" Stems @$15.00, A Hundred 11" Stems @$16.50, A Hundred 12" Stems @$ 18.00, A Hundred 13" Stems@$19.50, A Hundred 14" Stems @$21.00, A Hundred 15" Stems @$22.50, A Hundred 16" Stems @$24.00, A Hundred 17" Stems @$25.50, A Hundred 18" Stems @$27.00, A Hundred 19" Stems @$28.50, A Hundred 20" Stems @$30.00