Dried French Lavender Buds


We import these English Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) non-organic buds from France. This fragrant lavender is raised in amended soil and mechanically harvested, which greatly lowers its cost.


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English Lavender grown in France! French lavender is raised in amended soil and harvested mechanically. French lavender farmers also receive subsidies from the French government. These differences greatly lower the cost of production.

Our imported, French buds offer a “floral-fresh” scent and are perfect for sachets, wedding tosses, pillows or other products that are not ingested or used for bathing or aromatherapy.

These buds are a select, non-organic/craft grade and we use them in our own hand-crafted pillows and sachets. Our products are packaged in food grade plastic zip-locked bags.

Price: $1.00 per ¼ cup, $8.00 per 2 cups, 6 cups for $18.00


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1/4 Cup@$1.00, 2 Cups@$8.00, 6 Cups@$18.00