Curvy Tummy/Lumbar Pillow with Lavender and Buckwheat


Designed to melt away cramps, this Lavender and Buckwheat-filled Curvy Tummy/Lumbar Pillow snuggles up to your tummy or lower back for warm relief.

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Two minutes in the microwave will provide 30 minutes of warm comfort. Relax and melt away the monthly achy blues with lavender.

This pillow works well for any tummy or lower back trouble and can also be chilled.

Materials: All cotton flannel, fragrant Angustifolia lavender buds, Buckwheat berries

Size: 9” x 10”
Price: $29.00

All of our wraps can be heated in the microwave or chilled in the freezer (e.g., two minutes* in the microwave yields 30 minutes of warm relief or freezer chilled for ten minutes produces 30 minutes of cool relief).

For moist heat — spritz lightly with water or body mist. 

Safety Notes:
* Microwave ovens are unique so begin with 1 minute to warm your wrap and add 30 seconds if you desire more heat. Do not heat for more than 2 minutes.