Curvy Neck & Anywhere Wrap with Lavender and Buckwheat


This handy lavender and buckwheat-filled wrap drapes around your neck, over your shoulder, around a knee, an ankle or wherever you need it most with convenient loop “handles.”


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You will love the versatility of our Curvy Neck & Anywhere Wrap. If you can afford just one wrap — this would be it.

Materials: All cotton flannel, fragrant Angustifolia lavender bud, Buckwheat berries
Size: 20” x 4”
Price: $27.00

All of our wraps can be heated in the microwave or chilled in the freezer (e.g., two minutes* in the microwave yields 30 minutes of warm relief or freezer chilled for ten minutes produces 30 minutes of cool relief).

For moist heat — spritz lightly with water or body mist. 

Safety Notes: 
* Microwave ovens are unique so begin with 1 minute to warm your wrap and add 30 seconds if you desire more heat. Do not heat for more than 2 minutes.