Closet Lavender Sachets


Generously sized to scent and protect your entire closet, Lavender Green’s hanging Closet Sachets are filled with lavender flowers or our exclusive Lavender and Citrus Blend potpourri.



Our Closet Lavender Sachets release a continual lavender scent in your closet, freshen the air and help to keep moths at bay. The hanging closet sachets filled with Citrus and Lavender blend also help to banish musty smells.

Closet sachets make an impressive and memorable hostess gift!

Size: 14″ tall x 7″ wide plus hanging loop

Colors: lavender, green, blue, red, black, or cream
Price: With Lavender- $55.00
With Citrus Blend Potpourri – $60.00

Buy three and save at our special price of $150.00!

Many of Lavender Green’s closet line products are made with Waverly fabric. Waverly is an American company, visit its website to order coordinating fabrics for your home.

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Lavender, Green, Blue, Red, Black, Cream


Lavender, Citrus Blend


1 Lavender Sachet@$55.00, 1 Citrus Blend Sachet @$60.00, Three of either @$150.00


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