Bridal Wear Storage Liner with Lavender


Store your bridal wear with care! After the wedding, store your wedding gown and veil with care so that they will last for generations.


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Our Bridal Wear Storage Liner fits neatly into a storage box and will keep your gown and veil freshly scented and moth free.

Made of an embroidered sheer fabric and filled with 5 cups of fragrant lavender, this sachet is of keepsake quality.

Experts recommend that you have your gown professionally cleaned after the wedding and fold it loosely with acid-free tissue paper into a plastic storage box with a snap tight lid, rather than a cardboard box.

Place Bridal Wear Storage Liner with Lavender under the gown and a layer of acid-free tissue. Buy two liners if you plan to store your veil separately.

Size 14″ x 14 1/2″

Embroidered sheer fabric and ribbon trim

Natural Angustifolia Lavender- 5 cups
Price: $47.00 each
Buy two for $92.00

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One Liner@$47.00, Two Liners@$92.00