Aroma Sticks and Lavender Fragrance Oils – Large Version


Enjoy a larger version of our Aroma Sticks and Lavender Fragrant Oils displayed in a color sure bottle. Our Aroma Sticks will gently scent an even wider living space with lavender fragrance. And you’ll never have to worry about a candle flame!

Order our 8oz. Refill Bottle with 12 extra Aroma Sticks!0408_3430-ed


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This large set comes with 8 oz. of our Lavender Fragrance Oil, a display bottle with cork and 12 aroma sticks.

Simply fill the bottle, add the sticks, turn them over once and you’ll enjoy the relaxing scent of lavender for up to six months.

Price: $48.00

Bottle offered in seven colors: Indigo, Violet, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, & Blue 

Offered in five lavender fragrances:

Fresh lavender Scent
This smells like your hands after rubbing lavender buds

Lavender Bouquet
A Cybilla Lavender fragrance softened with a hint of lilac

Lavender and Lemongrass
Lavender Fragrance with a touch of Lemongrass Essential Oil to add deodorizing effects. Great for kitchen and bath.

Baby Powder with Lavender
A pure delight in Baby’s Room and Bathroom

Lavender Vanilla 
A Fresh lavender scent with a hint of vanilla bean

Use our 8oz. Lavender Fragrance Oil refill for your Aroma Sticks display bottle. 
Twelve Aroma Sticks also included. Choose your favorite fragrance!

Price: $34.00


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Aroma Sticks and 8 oz. Fragrance Oil @$48.00, 8oz Fragrance Oil Refill@$34.00, Aroma Sticks and 8 oz. Fragrance Oil with 8 oz. Refill @$82.00


Fresh Lavender Scent, Lavender Bouquet, Lavender & Lemon Grass, Lavender & Baby Powder, Lavender & Vanilla


indigo, violet, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, Buying 8oz. Fragrance Oil Refill


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