Our Lavender Farm

Love and Life on Our Lavender Farm

Lavender and romance – they just go together

Gina and Chris Gemmell of Lavender Green Farm

Chris and Gina Gemmell of Lavender Green Farm

We’re Chris and Ginna Gemmell and we’ve just celebrated our 44th  wedding anniversary on the same farm we were married on in 1969. Its our family farm — now called Lavender Green where we currently grow several varieties of English and French dried lavender flowers and buds.

Here, we craft lavender products that help bring the many benefits of lavender into the homes of people worldwide.

It seems as though Chris and I have been together for our entire lives and yet it feels as though we’ve just fallen in love. Our farm wedding was simple in ceremony and music and yet lush with 300 guests, great food cooked outdoors and lots of love!

There were flowers and fragrance everywhere.

Chris and Gina Gemmel farm wedding at Lavender Green Farm

Here we are at our farm wedding in 1969.

One of our many passions is growing lavender, which has historically represented love and fidelity. Chris and I love lavender and believe that everyone should have an affordable way to access the healing benefits of this wonderful, aromatic plant.

Small Beginnings with a Big Return

How a few lavender plants grew into a successful online business

Chris and I began with a few plants in 1988 before the benefits of lavender were well known in the U.S., and there were very few lavender farms.

After much trial and error, we settled on growing the variety Lavender Angustifolia (True English Lavender) because of its hardiness for our Zone 5 region, its many culinary uses and perfume quality fragrance.

From here we’ve added several other varieties and have used our lavender farm to grow a successful online business creating lavender products that highlight its scent, flavor and healing properties.

The History of Our Lavender Farm 

Keeping our family Civil War era farm sustainable
Lavender Green FarmMy great, great grandfather purchased our farmland before he headed off to the Civil War, but sadly he never returned. His daughters inherited the land when they married and my great grandmother, Mary Amelia, with her new husband, William, built our farm’s house, barn, summer kitchen and carriage house along with several other buildings in 1888.

My grandfather was born here and one hundred years after it was built, Chris and I purchased the farm from my grandfather’s estate to keep it in the family.

To us, family history and the farm’s legacy are important and we hope to keep it going strong for generations to come with sustainable land management practices.

Helping Young Women Grow on Our Lavender Farm

Employment and coaching for local high school kids  

Here's our crew that helps pick our organic lavender.Lavender Green has developed a unique business model where we work with high school students to manage the planting, tending, cutting and crafting of our lavender.

The young women self-select new team members each summer and hand the jobs down to younger kids as they move on from high school to college. Lavender Green helps support our youth with life coaching, giving them guidance and direction for their own life’s journey.

We also pay our young workers a fair wage, so that they can save funds for higher education. This model has worked for 25 years for Lavender Green because of the excellence of the youth involved.

Over the years, well over 150 kids have worked with Lavender Green!

Made in America

Promoting the cottage craft tradition

Most all of Lavender Green products are made in America. And many of our artisans, local to our Western Pa. region, come from a tradition of expert sewing and craftsmanship. Lavender Green proudly provides opportunities for local artisans to earn a fair percentage on retail sales for the products we sell.

Lavender Friends Gather Here

Join us!

At Lavender Green, we like to think of our customers as fellow “lavender lovers” and friends. We are always available by phone to answer your questions or to advise you about our products.

Friends gather on our lavender farm.We believe in protecting your privacy and won’t send spam e-mails or sell your addresses to anyone — ever.  Sign up for our Lavender Blog or Facebook Page to learn more about lavender and to stay in touch with what’s happening on the farm.

You’re also welcome to visit the Lavender Green Farm in our private or public tours. Local groups can also host meetings and celebrations here at the farm.

Lavender Green is a Charter member of the US Lavender Growers Association and we love to share our experiences with beginning lavender growers.