Lavender Gift Ideas Under $25

This is the season of joyful giving, but sometimes our lists seem to grow longer as we search for the perfect gift for Secret Santa exchanges and stocking stuffers, girl friends and aunties and all those who made our year a little better. At Lavender Green we have a wide variety of gifts for to cover just about anyone on your growing list with lavender luxury.

Today we’re sharing 6 gift ideas for under $25. And be sure and check out our gift ideas for Cooks, Moms, Career Girls, and Spa Lovers for more great Lavender gift giving.

Lavender Gift Ideas Under $25

1. Lavender Lovers ™ Organic Massage Oil Candle $24.00
Light the candle, burn to create a melt pool and then extinguish. Dip and apply … ahhhh!  You have just created a soothing, warm oil treatment that is excellent for dry skin!

2. Yellow & Blue Tea By Harney And Sons $7.99
Give the gift of relaxation with the subtle aromas of chamomile and lavender in this wonderful caffeine-free tea. Also available in a travel tin for $3.50

3. Lavender Soles™ Everyday Foot Care Kit With Essential Oils $22.00
Get soft, healthy and fragrant feet in just a few minutes a day with our “Lavender Soles”™ Everyday Foot Care Kit.

4. Lavender Spa Rescue Kit $12.00
Four of our top Stress Less products with Lavender to ease anxiety, Chamomile to soothe your skin and Sage to calm your mind and body are now available in smaller sizes. For home or travel, it makes a perfect gift.

5. Essential Oil Aromatherapy Blends Samples $22.50
What a great way to try all of our Essential Oil synergies and test their benefits! We’ll send you a sample 2.3 ml bottle of each of our Essential Oil Blends for just $22.50

6. Aromatherapy Diffusers $3.50-$25.00

  • Personal Diffuser – $18.00 Send Lavender, Focus Friendly or Road Rage Relief Aromatherapy with you anywhere they go.
  • Ceramic Jar Diffuser – Makes a great add on at just $3.50 with purchase of any Lavender Green E.O. Synergy
  • Heart Locket Pendant – $25.00 enhance their lightness of being with this Heart Locket Pendant and give scent-releasing aromatherapy throughout the day.
  • Terra Cotta Lavender Pendant – $15.00 Diffuse a few drops of our Lavender Essential Oil on this beautiful piece of art and enjoy it all day long! Comes with 1 dram of Lavender E.O.

These are just a few ideas to get you started, we also offer gift cards, a variety of pre-designed gift baskets and a “Build-Your-Own” gift basket option. We would be happy to help you with personalized suggestions, just give Ginna a call.

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  1. I received some beautiful gifts from you, hangers, shoe trees & other lovely items, but none have the name of their design. I would like to order some but do not know their item numbers