Lavender Benefits

Lavender Benefits for Health, Home and Happiness

Soothing and scenting your world

Lavender and lavender oil help with with stress and anxiety, speeds wound healing, and have many other benefits.

Lavender is a symbol of undying love and fidelity and is often used in weddings and other ceremonies. Its clean, classic fragrance appeals to women, men and children.

Many Benefits of Lavender and Lavender OilLavender essential oils and flowers can be used in perfumes, soaps, lotions and oils, candles, sachets, pillows, room sprays, cleaners and even first-aid kits.

Lavender Oil Benefits

So precious, you should use it drop by drop

Essential oil of lavender is derived from the lavender flower through steam distillation and yields a highly concentrated lavender essence — much more intense than lavender flowers. One pound of lavender oil requires distilling 120-130 pounds of “true” lavender flowers. And almost 1 acre of lavender is planted to harvest 5-25 pounds of lavender oil, making it a very valuable essence.

One of the most precious of all essential oils, lavender oil can tone and soothe the nervous system, is beneficial to the respiratory system, and, unlike many essential oils, can be applied directly to the skin.

Lavender Green’s top 10 uses for Lavender essential oils and florets

  1. Calming nerves with a soothing lavender tea, aromatherapy or bath.
  2. Sore muscle relief in massage, warm bath and lavender-filled heat wraps.
  3. Cooking and baking (florets only). Lavender is wonderful in sweets and savory dishes.
  4. Scenting the home through diffusion or candles, sweet smelling laundry, pillows and closet sachets.
  5. Healing skin irritations, burns and insect bites (antiseptic and analgesic properties).
  6. Migraine and tension headache relief by massaging lavender essential oil on temples and neck.
  7. Sleep aid for insomnia via a lavender-filled pillow or aromatherapy.
  8. Insect (moth) repellent and insect repellent through sprays and sachets.
  9. Easing sore throats and respiratory problems via aromatherapy.
  10. Natural cleaner for the home and the body, in soaps, gels, sprays and scrubs.

Exciting new research on lavender suggests that lavender can even improve balance in seniors and that it may be an effective treatment for antibiotic resistant infections (As mentioned on – “Could Lavender be the solution to drug-resistant infections?”)