Creative Lavender Gift Ideas

Gift BoxWow, we’re coming down to the wire and there are still many gifts to buy and send.  It is the thought that counts and our friends love thoughtful presents that recognize their interests and lifestyle.  Getting it just right requires a little thought about that particular person, but it’s not too hard to accomplish with our “Build Your Own  Gift Basket” option.

Lavender Gift BasketsHere are some suggestions of what to put into your basket based upon your “person”.  You’ll want to include 5-7 products to fill out a small, medium or large sized basket box.  We will chose the size of basket for you based upon what you order and wrap and ship it with a card from you.  If you have a very tough lavender lover to please, call Ginna for some personalized suggestions.


Gift Ideas for the Cook

Ideas For the Cook

1. Lavender Pepper Rub
2. Chef’s Apron
3. Lavender and Vanilla Sugar
4. Recipe Card with Lavender Samples
5. Lavender and Earl Gray Tea
6. Twisted Lavender Sheaf Centerpiece
not pictured – Herbs de Provence


Gift Ideas for Mom

Ideas for the Busy Mom

1. Lavender Lotion To Go
2. Car Diffuser with Road Rage Relief
3. Lavender Counter Spray
4. Lavender Towelettes
5. Spa Eye Mask


Gift Ideas for the Career Girl

Ideas for the Career Girl 

1. Focus and Energy Synergy with Personal Diffuser
2. Lavender Lotion to Go
3. Lavender Lover’s Lip Balm
4. Travel Pillow and Mask
5. Keyboard and Mouse Pillow Set


Lavender Spa Gift Ideas

Ideas for the Health Club/Spa Lover 

1. Lavender Lover’s Lip balm
2. Restore Body Mist
3. Lavender & Citrus Foot Balm
4. Spa Eye Pillow
5. Lavender Lover’s Lotion and Bath Gel Combo
6. Lavender Lover’s Bath Salts
(also check out our Aromafloria Products, we have a full selection of StressLess products with Lavender, Sage and Chamomile)


These are just a few ideas to get you started but there are endless possibilities.

Enter “Build Your Own” in the coupon box at checkout and we’ll take 5% off the total cost of your order between now and December 30, 20013 


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