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For a Memorable Lavender Farm Wedding or Special Event:

Host it at our Lavender Green Farm in Knox, Pa.

Lavender Farm Wedding VenueLavender Green Farm is pleased to offer you the gently rolling lawn of our West Meadow and the smoothly landscaped expanse of our South and East Lawns for your next private special occasion gathering or celebration. Rainy day? No problem. Our barn is ready for an unexpected shower, or a planned event.

We’ve got the perfect place for your lavender farm wedding, reception, reunion, corporate/organization ceremony or graduation party.

Picture Them Enjoying the Charm of Our West Meadow

Throw your next outdoor party with style and grace

Bride by the pond in Lavender Green's East MeadowOur West Meadow presents simple, provincial beauty bordered by a hundred-year-old barn on the east side and a spring-fed pond located in the southwest corner.

This lovely scene is backdropped by tall and inviting shade trees.

A three-rail painted wood fence defines the West Meadow’s borders, lending a sense of privacy and elegance to your enclosed space.

Delight in the Beauty of Our South and East Lawns

A fine place to gather and dine

Lavender Green - Lavender Wedding Venue - South lawnOur South and East Lawns offer a near-level walking surface, ideal for table-centered dining and related entertaining activity.

Fifteen landscaped perennial gardens, as well as five Demonstration Gardens featuring new lavender varietals, and numerous flowering specimen trees compliment the property.

All supplement Lavender Green’s agricultural lavender working field located in the nearby South Meadow.

Lavender Green Farm Wedding CeremonyThe centerpiece of the South Lawn is our spectacular Lily Garden featuring two 25-foot long semicircular arcs framing a landscaped fountain.Lilly garden on Lavender Green's South Lawn

A French Country iron arch, a perfect background for photos, graces the entry to the decorative steppingstone fountain terrace.

The East Lawn and adjoining East Meadow provide smooth grass-surfaced parking and large tent accommodations.

Lavender Green Farm is conveniently located 1.3 miles northwest of Interstate 80 Exit 54 at the intersection of Route 338 and Little Germany Road.

To book your lavender farm wedding or other special event contact:
Chris Gemmell at 814-797-5117.

Our address is:

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Lavender Green Farm
564 Little Germany Road
Knox, Pennsylvania 16232-4624